DISCLAIMER: The GETGO FUNDING INC. Crowdfunding Service and 8 TIER STEP-UP DONATION COLLECTION MATRIX was designed to enable the Project Director to collect more donations by reaching more people, but the results always vary and depend on the effort of each individual Project Director. All efforts were made to accurately represent this Network Crowdfunding Service and its potential. There is no guarantee that you will collect any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. The examples included in these materials should not be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of donations or contributions. The donation potential depends entirely on the person using our service, the people making the donations, your ideas, your effort, your group and techniques. GETGO FUNDING INC. is only a crowdfunding service.

GETGO Crowdfunding is the only Network Crowdfunding Platform that can reach more donors to get your project done. Whether you have a high-tech project, need tuition money or want to raise funds for an emergency, we help make it possible from start to finish.

Yes. The following list contains the type of projects you cannot crowdfund through the GetGo Crowdfunding platform.

  • Legal Service and Money Service Business Projects
    We do not accept the following projects; check cashing, money transmitters, wire transfers, money orders, bail bonds, currency exchanges and collection agency projects.
  • Virtual Currency and Stored Value Business Projects
    We do not accept projects that monetize, resell, store value or convert Virtual Currency (e.g., Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.)
  • Credit Service and Investment Service Business Projects
    We do not accept Credit Counseling, Securities Broker, Mortgage Consulting, Debt Reduction Service, Real Estate opportunity and Loan projects.
  • Proprietary Rights and Intellectual property Infringement
    Distribution, access or sale of counterfeit movies, music or software are not accepted by GETGO. Additionally, any project or business that would directly or indirectly infringe or facilitate infringement upon the patent, copyright, trademark, trade secrets, privacy or proprietary rights of any third party is not accepted by GETGO Funding.
  • Unauthorized or Counterfeit Goods
    We do not accept any project dealing with the unauthorized resale or sale of designer or brand name products that are illegally imported or exported.
  • Gambling Business Projects
    Games of Chance, Lotteries, Bidding Fee Auctions, Sports Forecasting, Odds Making, Internet Gaming, Fantasy Sports Leagues, Sweepstakes, Contests or any game of chance are not accepted by GETGO Funding.
  • Illegal or Regulated Products and Services Projects
    Cannabis (Marijuana) related businesses, e-cigarettes, tobacco, e-liquid, online pharmacies, age restricted goods and services such as weapons, munitions, explosives, radioactive materials, toxic materials, flammable materials, any product or service with varying legal status on a state-by-state basis are not accepted by GETGO Funding.
  • Drug Paraphernalia Projects
    GetGo Funding does not accept projects for equipment designed to use drugs, such as vaporizers, hookahs, bongs or any other related product.
  • Get Rich Quick Scheme Projects
    GetGo Funding does not accept any project dealing with investment services or business opportunities that promise high rewards.
  • Multi-level, Network Marketing and No-Value Added Projects
    GetGo Funding does not accept network marketing, referral marketing, gifting or pyramid scheme projects of any kind. Additionally, we do not accept projects for sale or resell of services without any added benefit to the buyer.
  • Adult Content and Adult Service Projects
    GetGo Funding does not accept any projects dealing with obscene materials, pornography or sexually related goods and services such as prostitution, escorts, media, literature, imagery, pay-per-view, live chat etc., etc.
  • Pseudo Pharmaceutical Projects
    GetGo Funding does not accept projects dealing with natural products, pseudo pharmaceuticals or any product that makes health claims that have not been approved or verified by the appropriate national regulatory body.
  • Projects for Substances Designed to Mimic Illegal Drugs
    GetGo Funding does not accept projects for the sale of any legal substance (e.g., salvia, kratom) that gives the user the same effect as an illegal drug.
  • Pay-to-Remove Sites and Mug-Shot Publication Projects
    GetGo Funding does not accept projects that would use a platform that facilitates the removal and publication of content (such as mug shots), where the purpose of such content is to raise or cause reputational harm.
  • Virtual World Credits and Video Game
    We do not accept projects dealing with the sale of in-game currency.
  • Social Media Activity Projects
    GetGo Funding does not accept projects that sell Facebook likes, YouTube views, Twitter followers and any other kind of social media activity or data.
  • High Risk Business Projects
    GetGo Funding does not accept high risk business projects such as; psychic services, prepaid phone cards, phone services and cell phones, bankruptcy lawyers, travel reservation services, clubs, computer technical support, timeshares, telemarketing, airlines, telecommunications equipment, cruises, drop shipping, telephone sales, credit card and identity theft protection, forwarding brokers, negative response marketing and the use of credit to pay for lending services.
  • Elevated Risk Projects
    GetGo Funding does not accept any project we believe has an elevated legal liability, financial risk or violates bank policies. We also don’t accept projects by any group, business or organization that encourages, engages in or promotes unlawful violence or physical harm to any person or property. The same goes for groups, businesses and organizations that encourage, celebrates, engage in or promote unlawful violence or harm toward any group based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability or any other permanent characteristic.
  • Aggregation Projects
    GetGo Funding does not accept projects that would engage in any form of licensed or unlicensed aggregation of funds, factoring or other activities intended to render unclear the origin of funds.

It all starts with you having a clear vision and goal to bring your project to life- this is a must.
The Project Director is the person or team heading the project.
The Direct Backer is a person that directly donates to your project.
You can extend your crowdfunding campaign for as long as you need and you’ll have access to your funds every two weeks.
The GIVEBACK REWARDS are just as it sounds; it is the Project Director’s opportunity to give something back to the Direct Backers for their monthly donation.
The GIVEBACK REWARDS are usually a one-of-a-kind gift that is given after the project is completed.

Each project is different; therefore, each GIVEBACK will be different. It’s up to the Project Direct to choose a variety of GIVEBACKS for the Direct Backers. GIVEBACKS often include gift cards, free meals, discounts, a copy of what’s being produced such as a Movie DVD, Comic Book, Music CD or something unique and closely related to the project.

How many people do you know that always talk about starting their own business or want to make a difference in the world. Remember, about two thirds of working Americans would instead start their own business than work for someone else, millions of Americans don’t own a house, millions of students are in debt and millions of people simply love to help others. The majority of the initial Direct Backers or funding will come from the family and friends that want to start their own business or simply want to help you succeed. They will help you out by spreading the word around to their friends, and so on. Also, with today’s social media outlets the word will spread quickly through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and GETGO. As a Project Director, you will have access direct marketing tools such as business card and flier templates that will lead people directly to your Project Director’s Website.

All you need is two serious Direct Backers, but we recommend you invite as many Direct Backers as you can that also want to develop their own projects. These Direct Backers will tell other people about their own project and you get a percentage from everyone up to eight tiers. You will reach more people from the few you invite.

No. The Project Director keeps 100% ownership of their project, product or the work they create. GETGO does not offer equity funding nor does it get involved in outside deals with Direct Backers and Project Directors at this moment. We are in the process of developing the equity funding part of the service.

There are no guarantees the project you contributed to will be completed. It's the Project Director’s responsibility to complete their project. GETGO does not investigate the Project Director’s background, skill or ability to complete their project. Ultimately, you decide the worthiness of the Project Director and project by becoming a Direct Backer to their project to fund your own project.

The pricing for the service is only 5% of every donated dollar, a 3% fee for payment processing and a .30₵ per transaction fee.

It actually takes very little money to become the Project Director of your own fundraising campaign. All you need to start is a small monthly donation. Monthly Donation Amounts $10, $15, $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, $70, $80, $90, $100

About two thirds of Americans want to be their own boss but simply don’t have the money to start a business. With our 8 Tier Step-Up Donation Collection Matrix, you will be able to receive lots more donations by inviting a few people to start a project. They will tell other people about their project and you receive a percentage of all the donations up to eight tiers. There are hundreds of millions of like-minded entrepreneurs willing to start a project and when you get just a few good ones, they will go out and duplicate your effort and you will see that the 8 Tier Donation Collection Matrix is the best tool for crowdfunding.

We all start with a small donation when starting a project. A Step-Up Donation is a larger donation than what you originally donated. The Step-Up Donation comes from your existing donations to create a larger donation base. The larger the donation base on your Donation Collection Matrix the more money your project receives based on a certain percentage per tier.

The Step-Up Marker is an amount of money the Matrix Software detects to safely Step-Up the donation amount given to your Project Director. When your Direct Backers reach one of the eight Step-Up Markers you’ll receive more money from them to complete your project.

We are currently distributing donations every two weeks directly to your account. Please note: as the amount of Project Directors increases, we may adapt a monthly donation distribution format.

That depends on your project. At GETGO Crowdfunding, you’ll be able to campaign for your project an entire eighteen months. You can also extend the campaign for as long as you need to complete the project.

That depends on your project. At getGO, you’ll be able to campaign your project for an entire eighteen months. You can also extend the campaign for as long as you need to complete the project.

As in all businesses there will be problems, so we created the UPDATE window on the Project Director Website. This way you can update your Direct Backers anytime you like. If a problem arises that can’t be solve immediately, you’ll be expected to post an update explaining the situation to all your Direct Backers. Make it a personal policy to be honest and transparent with your backers and you’ll find them to be understanding about the situation. Your backers want you to succeed, so sharing your ups and downs will keep them involved.

Remember, most of your Direct Backers will have a campaign of their own and will likely run across a few problems just like you. We are all working together to accomplish a personal goal- transparency and honesty are crucial to completing the project.

If the Project Director has been honest and transparent about the situation, you should be patient with him/her. Most people usually find a way to forge ahead when faced with adversity. If you have a solution idea, you can email your Project Director to help remedy the situation.

NO. Your contributions are not refundable. getGO does not issue refunds to donors. The transactions are between the backers and the Project Director. The money goes to the Project Director once per week.

We have the GETGO security team that screens email reports of suspicious activity and possible fraud to protect our crowdfunding community. If anyone goes against our rules we will take action immediately.

GetGo Funding does not provide tax advice or tax guidance. Please speak to an accountant or a local tax expert regarding the tax laws in your state to report your donations. Please be aware there is a potential tax liability when crowdfunding.
You will receive a 1099-K from GetGo Funding Inc. or our payment processor only if your campaign meets the following criteria:

  • Your project exceeded 200 contributors.
  • Your project(s) exceeded $20,000 in gross donations.
If your project does not meet the criteria, please seek advice from an accountant or a local tax expert on how to report your donations.

What is a 1099-K form?
The law requires businesses and individuals to report money received from third party organizations on a 1099-K form. Congress passed this law in 2008 to improve the voluntary tax compliance. The 1099-K is an informational form only. It is used to summarize the activity of your account and assist you when reporting your taxes.
If you are a USA based Project Director you will first complete a W-9 tax form with your Name, Address and Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security Number. After that you will receive the 1099-K form by email or mail from GetGo Funding Inc. or our payment processor. Please note that Project Directors based in the state of Massachusetts and Vermont are exempt from the 1099-K eligibility threshold. If you are based in one of these states, you will receive a 1099-K form if your project exceeds $600 in donations.

Do Non-USA based Project Directors receive a W-9?
No. Non-USA based Project Directors receive a W-8 to certify you are a foreign person receiving donations that are not connected with a trade or business in the USA. The information provided on the W-8 should be the same account information provided to GetGo Funding Inc.