How It Works

What do you want to do?

  • Start or expand your business?
  • Afford your dream home?
  • Pay off your debt?
  • Pay your college tuition?
  • Create an art project?
  • Donate to a cause?
  • Buy a new car?

Help someone fund their project

Thank you for supporting our GETGO Funding Project Director. By supporting this project with a small monthly donation, you are a part of an incredible group of people working together to achieve goals. Your Project Director needs your support to take his/her project to the next level. You can make a regular donation, or you can start a project of your own by signing up.

Put your project on the board

At the end of the sign-up process, you can start uploading content to your Project Page. Congratulations! You are now the Project Director of your own campaign, and the Direct Backer, to whom you are making your monthly donation. In your back-office, you’ll find our crowdfunding guides and marketing materials to help kick-start your project. Our step-by-step guides, and mentoring from your Project Director, will help you create a simple, yet successful crowdfunding campaign. Let’s go!

Let’s fund your project

The Crowdfunding Guides show you how to get people to fund your project, starting the very first day. Not only will you learn how to market your project in the digital world, you will also learn how to market your project directly to other people. Folks who have a desire to do something, but simply don’t have the money to make it a reality.